With the Microwaveable PyroFlite Bat Warmer being the best Natural way to heat up their game, hitters across the Country say the same thing time and time again, "Wow! A hot bat on a cold day!" Anyone who truly understands hitting knows the importance of a flexible bat.

Why? A flexible bat, especially in cool weather, allows a player to maintain better hitting consistency. Heat not only keeps the vibration out of the bat, it protects your aluminum bat from denting & your composite bat from cracking or breaking the fibers on the inside of the bat due to cold temperatures. It's those cracks on the inside of the bat you can't see that cause the damage first....that will result in dead hits on the field.

"USSSA is looking forward to working with PyroFlite and helping all of our players play the best game they can regardless of the the playing temperature.” stated Don DeDonatis, USSSA Executive Director and CEO. “After looking at several products, we concluded PyroFlite’s microwaveable bat warmer is the easiest way to keep a bat warm" continued DeDonatis. "It is easy to use, it’s extremely affordable and provides the player an excellent method to keep their bats safe and sound."

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